Miramar Hotel, Bournemouth

Miramar Hotel 1Miramar Hotel 2

We have worked closely with the Miramar Hotel over the last 6 years, and have been involved with numerous projects at the site, ranging from large extensions to minor repair works.

Our most recent project for the hotel involved creating additional bedrooms and a health spa for the hotel within an adjacent property. Our involvement included creating scheme designs for the proposed development. We also prepared and submitted a planning application to the local authority, working closely with the planning department to obtain a suitable design that was both acceptable to the council and the client alike. Work on this project has yet to start.

Crab Restaurant, Exeter Road, Bournemouth

Crab Restaurant 1Crab Restaurant 2

This project involved creating an extension to the restaurant of the newly created Park Central Hotel in Bournemouth.

The hotel had obtained planning permission from the local authority for the new restaurant and we were involved in creating an additional extension to the approved restaurant. We successfully gained planning permission for the extension and went on to prepare and submit the Building Regulations application.

Park Central Hotel, Exeter Road, Bournemouth

Park Central Hotel 1Park Central Hotel 2

This project involved the conversion of the large 4-storey language school into a 4-star luxury and modern 50-bedroom hotel.

Having already gained planning permission for the conversion, we were involved with preparing and submitting a full building regulations application. As this was such a large scale development, this project involved working closely with both the client and the local authority building control department to create something that was both functional, but also complied with the approved building regulations.

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