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Bestwall Road, Wareham

Bestwall RoadBestwall Road interior

This project involved the renovation and part re-build of an existing dwelling to create a spacious, modern home with outstanding views over the fields beyond.

We were involved with creating scheme designs for the renovation works, which retained the main structure of the existing bungalow. We successfully gained planning permission for the work and went on to submit and attain full building regulations approval. We produced detailed specifications and were also involved with the contract administration and monitoring of the works throughout the project, working closely with the contractor and the client and were able to produce a successful and smooth running build.

Cliff Drive, Poole

Cliff Drive 1Cliff Drive 2

This project involved the demolition of the existing dwelling, dividing the site in two and creating two detached 3-storey luxury dwellings.

Having already gained planning permission for the two dwellings, we were involved with submitting a minor amendment application for small changes to the initial design. We also gained full building regulations approval for the works, together with carrying out monitoring on the project to its recent completion.

Spencer Road, Poole

Spencer Road 1Spencer Road 2

This project involved the demolition of the existing building and the construction of a new four-storey luxury modern house, complete with integral garage, gym and extensive master suite with balcony, en-suite and dressing room.

Planning permission and building regulations approval had already been sought for this new dwelling. We became involved through the contract administration and continued monitoring of the works throughout the whole project.


Burtley Road, Bournemouth

Burtley Road 1Burtley Road 2

This project involved the demolition of the existing block of flats, and rebuilding a larger block of 10 no. flats on the site, with associated parking, bin and cycle stores.

We were involved with acquiring planning permission for the proposed development, working with the local authority to gain permission for the three-storey property. We were also required to undertake the building regulations application for the scheme, and carry out project management for the works.

Chine Crescent Road, Bournemouth

Chine Crescent Road 1Chine Crescent Road 2

This project involved the demolition of the existing dwelling on the site, and the rebuild of a large 4½ storey flat development with underground parking.

We were involved with the development of the project and acquired planning permission for the scheme. We went on to undertake the Building Regulations for the project.

Christchurch Road, Bournemouth

Christchurch Road 1Christchurch Road 2

This project involved the conversion of a dilapidated public house and its staff accommodation above to create two retail unit with flats above, and houses to the rear.

We were involved with carrying out the original measured survey of the property, preparing plans for the conversion and submitting a planning application to the local authority. Upon the grant of planning permission, we were then involved with preparing and submitting a full building regulations application.

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